The Delhi Parent Leadership Program

The vision of the Delhi Parent Leadership Program is to teach participants how to improve their child’s success in school, participating in their child’s education to reach higher academic opportunities, and to establish relationships with public and school officials to help them in the improvement of their child’s education.

La Vision del programa de Liderazgo de Padres de Delhi que el participante aprenda como mejorar el exito de su hijo en la escuela, participando en su educacion para que logre mejores oportunidades academicas, y que establesca relaciones con representantes publicos y escolares para que le ayude a abogar y encontrar soluciones para el mejoramiento educativo de su hijo.


Our History

Since 1996, CVP partners have launched campaigns and implemented programs to assist migrants, immigrants, and refugees organizing to claim their rightful place in the civic, cultural, and economic life of the Valley. The CVP supports Valley communities working together to achieve social and institutional change - change that provides the opportunity for all who reside in the Valley to live in dignity and good health, participate fully in decisions that affect their lives, and assume the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in its broadest sense.